When you say “house show”, do you mean you’re showing houses? Painting? Selling Rodan Fields?
None of the above! A “house show” is simply a musical event that takes place in a person’s home rather than an established venue. Home Sweet Home is a collection of individual house shows across two days’ time. Because the shows take place in a person’s house, they are usually smaller, more intimate, and stripped down.

I only want to go to one show. Why can’t I buy a ticket online?
2019 is the very first year for Home Sweet Home, so we have some constraints as well as a need for experimentation in the process. If you’d like to attend a single show, you are welcome to, but please note that you will need to pay at the door. Non-headliner shows are $10 each, Friday Headliners (except for the Smokey and Friends Secret Show) are $15 each, the Smokey and Friends Secret Show on Friday is $25 each, and Saturday headliners are $25 each.

Update: Tickets for single headliner shows are now available online.

The schedule is pretty packed. Will there be food?
There will be refreshments and snacks at each home! If you find yourself in need of a full meal, please visit one of our food and drink partners before the festivities begin on Friday/Saturday, or during the dinner break allotted from 7:30-9 on Saturday. Participants receive a 20% discount the weekend of Home Sweet Home with Mauricio’s Coffee, Loafin’ Joe’s, and Yeyo’s Mexican Grill. Please see our partners section for more information.